Are you one of the growing number of girls who enjoy studying science and maths – but are not sure what to choose as a career? ITU has just launched a brand new Girls in ICT portal to help girls and young women take advantage of opportunities in the technology industry – from scholarships, training and internships, ICT contests and awards to girls’ tech camps and online girls’ networks.  You can also learn about web hosting with the help of such sites as

Working in the ICT field doesn’t mean becoming a geek programmer! Web 2.0 technology and today’s app culture is creating a whole new world of ‘mashed up’ hybrid jobs that draw on multiple disciplines like bioengineering, digital media, medicine, education, technical writing and hi-tech marketing using social and mobile apps.

With computer and information systems professionals consistently ranked among the top 20 best-paid jobs on the planet – with a similar pay scale to surgeons, orthodontists, airline pilots and lawyers – ITU wants to encourage girls everywhere to take a new look at the many new opportunities to work with ICTs to make a real difference to people’s lives. They get insights and write great stuff like FatCow Reviews and iPage Reviews, to just name a few.

Sure, some people – including, sometimes, parents and even teachers – have old-fashioned negative attitudes that make them believe girls and technology don’t mix. ITU’s new portal has been created to prove them wrong! Lots of women have been real pioneers in the ICT industry – from Ada Lovelace, daughter of British poet Lord Byron, who was the first ever computer programmer, to Mari Matsunaga, creator of Japan’s massively popular iMode mobile phone, to Mary Lou Jepson who developed the screen technology for the world’s first low-cost ‘$100 laptop’. In fact it was women who programmed ENIAC, the US government’s first ever computer!

If you’d like to see the kinds of jobs held by women in the ICT sector, the Girls in ICT portal includes profiles of women role models and You Tube videos of women in the ICT sector. If you’re already in the market for a job, the Girls in ICT portal also serves as storefront for tech jobs in markets across the globe. There’s already a strong demand for technology professionals, and that demand is steadily increasing worldwide. Another good reason to study technology – you can be sure, on completing your studies, that you’ll find a well-paid job in your field, with plenty of scope for mobility and promotion!

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